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Statins in HIV-Infected Patients: Potential Beneficial Effects and Clinical Use

Enrique Bernal, Irene Marín, Mar Masiá and Félix Gutiérrez


Contribution of Common Infections to Cardiovascular Risk in HIV Positive Individuals

Victoria Berquist, Jennifer F. Hoy and Janine M. Trevillyan


The Revival of an “Old” Marker: CD4/CD8 Ratio

Giuseppe Bruno, Annalisa Saracino, Laura Monno and Gioacchino Angarano


Primary HIV-1 Drug Resistant Minority Variants

Benjamin Chimukangara, Reshmi Samuel, Kogieleum Naidoo and Tulio de Oliveira


Modeling Combination HCV Prevention among HIV-infected Men Who Have Sex With Men and People Who Inject Drugs

Natasha K. Martin, Britt Skaathun, Peter Vickerman and David Stuart


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A New HIV Paradigm: Dual Antiretroviral Regimens as Maintenance Therapy

Vicente Soriano and José M. Peña


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When is Early Antiretroviral Therapy Early Enough for HIV Remission?

Eva Poveda and Manuel Crespo


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Hepatitis A Outbreaks in European Homosexual Men

Pablo Barreiro and Vicente Soriano


Review Article

The Evolving Landscape of HIV Drug Resistance Diagnostics for Expanding Testing in Resource-Limited Settings

Seth C. Inzaule, Raph L. Hamers, Roger Paredes, Chunfu Yang, Rob Schuurman and Tobias F. Rinke de Wit


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and HIV/AIDS: a New Way of Modulation of Cardiovascular Risk

Mohamed H Ahmed, Nazik Elmalaika Husain, Akif Malik, Clare Woodward and Dushyant Mital


HIV-1 Infection in Persons Homozygous for CCR5-Δ32 Allele: The Next Case and the Review

Joanna Smoleń-Dzirba, Magdalena Rosińska, Janusz Janiec, Marek Beniowski, Mariusz Cycoń, Jolanta Bratosiewicz-Wąsik, Tomasz J. Wąsik; CASCADE collaboration in EuroCoord


Treatment as Prevention: Should Hepatitis C Learn the Lessons from HIV?

Jose Vicente Fernandez-Montero, Esther J. Aspinall and James E. Burns


Minimizing Next-Generation Sequencing Errors for HIV Drug Resistance Testing

José A. Fernández-Caballero, Natalia Chueca, Eva Poveda, and Federico García


Hypertension in HIV: Management and Treatment

Claudio Ucciferri, Katia Falasca and Jacopo Vecchiet


Current Issue

Volume 19 - Number 1 / January - March 2017

Review Articles

Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Liver Disease Progression in HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients

Luz M. Medrano, María A. Jiménez-Sousa, Amanda Fernández-Rodríguez and Salvador Resino

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Darunavir/Ritonavir in HIV-Infected Pregnant Women

Saye Khoo, Gilles Peytavin, David Burger, Andrew Hill, Kimberley Brown, Christiane Moecklinghoff, Charles La Porte and Maria Blanca Hadacek

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Use of Daclatasvir in HCV/HIV-Coinfected Patients in a Real-Life Setting

Stefano Bonora and Massimo Puoti

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in HIV Infection

Juan Macías, Juan A. Pineda and Luis M. Real

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News on Viral Hepatitis in HIV: Update from the 2016 GEHEP Conference

Eva Poveda, Massimo Puoti, Miguel García Deltoro, Juan A. Pineda, Francisco Téllez, Rafael Granados, Luis Morano and Federico García on behalf of GEHEP

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Hot News

Similar Immunological Profiles Between Nonprogressing HIV Infection in Children and Nonpathogenic SIV Infection

Eva Poveda and Enrique Martin-Gayo

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

Mortality in Hepatitis C Populations: Another Battle Against Drugs and Alcohol

James E. Burns

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

Transmission of Multi-Drug Resistant HIV-1 Despite Antiretroviral Prophylaxis

Vicente Soriano

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HIV Guidelines

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HIV Conferences

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