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The Evolving Landscape of HIV Drug Resistance Diagnostics for Expanding Testing in Resource-Limited Settings

Seth C. Inzaule, Raph L. Hamers, Roger Paredes, Chunfu Yang, Rob Schuurman and Tobias F. Rinke de Wit


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and HIV/AIDS: a New Way of Modulation of Cardiovascular Risk

Mohamed H Ahmed, Nazik Elmalaika Husain, Akif Malik, Clare Woodward and Dushyant Mital


HIV-1 Infection in Persons Homozygous for CCR5-Δ32 Allele: The Next Case and the Review

Joanna Smoleń-Dzirba, Magdalena Rosińska, Janusz Janiec, Marek Beniowski, Mariusz Cycoń, Jolanta Bratosiewicz-Wąsik, Tomasz J. Wąsik; CASCADE collaboration in EuroCoord


Treatment as Prevention: Should Hepatitis C Learn the Lessons from HIV?

Jose Vicente Fernandez-Montero, Esther J. Aspinall and James E. Burns


Minimizing Next-Generation Sequencing Errors for HIV Drug Resistance Testing

José A. Fernández-Caballero, Natalia Chueca, Eva Poveda, and Federico García


Hypertension in HIV: Management and Treatment

Claudio Ucciferri, Katia Falasca and Jacopo Vecchiet


Current Issue

Volume 19 - Number 2 / April - June 2017

Review Articles

Statins in HIV-Infected Patients: Potential Beneficial Effects and Clinical Use

Enrique Bernal, Irene Marín, Mar Masiá and Félix Gutiérrez

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Contribution of Common Infections to Cardiovascular Risk in HIV Positive Individuals

Victoria Berquist, Jennifer F. Hoy and Janine M. Trevillyan

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

The Revival of an “Old” Marker: CD4/CD8 Ratio

Giuseppe Bruno, Annalisa Saracino, Laura Monno and Gioacchino Angarano

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Primary HIV-1 Drug Resistant Minority Variants

Benjamin Chimukangara, Reshmi Samuel, Kogieleum Naidoo and Tulio de Oliveira

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Modeling Combination HCV Prevention among HIV-infected Men Who Have Sex With Men and People Who Inject Drugs

Natasha K. Martin, Britt Skaathun, Peter Vickerman and David Stuart

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

Darunavir Stands Up as Preferred HIV Protease Inhibitor

Josep Mallolas

|Abstract|     |Full Article in PDF|

Hot News

A New HIV Paradigm: Dual Antiretroviral Regimens as Maintenance Therapy

Vicente Soriano and José M. Peña

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

When is Early Antiretroviral Therapy Early Enough for HIV Remission?

Eva Poveda and Manuel Crespo

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

Hepatitis A Outbreaks in European Homosexual Men

Pablo Barreiro and Vicente Soriano

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|


HIV/AIDS researcher Mark Wainberg passed away

Philippe Halfon and Vicente Soriano

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|


HIV Guidelines

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

HIV Conferences

|Abstract|      |Full Article in PDF|

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