Volume 11 - Number 4

October - December 2009

Liver and Kidney Transplantation in HIV-Infected Patients

Clara C. Tan-Tam, Lynda A. Frassetto and Peter G. Stock   |Full Article in PDF|

Department of Surgery. University of California. San Francisco, CA, USA


HIV infection has evolved into a chronic condition as a result of improvements in therapeutic options. Chronic exposure with HIV and associated co-pathogens as well as toxicities from prolonged therapy with antiviral medications has resulted in increased morbidity and mortality rates from end-stage liver and kidney disease in the HIV-infected population. Since the definitive treatment for end-stage organ failure is transplantation, demand has increased among HIV-infected patients. Although the transplant community has been slow to recognize HIV as a chronic condition, many transplant centers have eliminated HIV infection as a contraindication to transplantation as a result of better patient management and demand. This review examines the current clinical strategies and issues surrounding liver and kidney transplantation in HIV-infected patients.

Key Words:

HCV. HBV. Transplant. Renal. Hepatic. End-stage organ failure.

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