Volume 15 - Number 1

January - March 2013

Siglec-1: A Novel Dendritic Cell Receptor for HIV-1 Infection

Mariola López Vázquez de la Torre   |Full Article in PDF|

Department of Infectious Diseases, Hospital Carlos III, Madrid, Spain


Dendritic cells (DC) are essential antigen-presenting elements that regulate both the innate and acquired immune response in HIV-1 infection. This process requires HIV-1 binding to the DC surface. Initial studies suggested that DC-SIGN (dendritic cell-specific intercellular adhesion molecule-3-grabbing non-integrin) on immature dendritic cells (iDC) could interact with the HIV-1 gp120 envelope protein and this complex be internalized into iDC. During this process, the virus should remain intact, with iDC behaving as a “Trojan horse” for the spread of HIV-1 infection.

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